The R word vs. the F word

This blog started when a friend of mine through Facebook posted the ‘word’ of the day and wanted her friends to use it in a sentence. Now, I will admit, I wasn’t feeling all that well. Actually the term I think I used was “snarky”, which is a fairly accurate term for my mood. The word that she used, most would find offensive but for me suddenly, my comment, my snarkiness, cause me to have a deep morale discussion.

While growing up, and in my feeble attempts to be an author, I understand the value and importance of words. A single word could make or break the picture and which we are trying to describe and capture our reader’s attention with.  A simple misinterpretation of a simple syllable could ruin everything! Example, once in middle school, one of my peers was asked to read the simple text talking about micro organism… Well instead of saying “organism” she uttered “orgasm” and caused a riot of laughter.

As a society, we have felt the need to shield our kids from bad words. I had a list of them growing up. And even when I heard my gray hair granny say “shit” for the first time, my poor little bubble of a world was shattered when I tried to correct her and say “we call it crap, granny.” And she looked at me and said “It is shit, and that is what it is. I am not going to try and fancy it up. Because quite frankly, it is shit.”

The word in question that has me worked up a bit is a four letter word that we feel the need to bleep out. Four letters, put together… three consonants and a vowel. You know the word. F U C K. I looked up the meaning of the word. It means to have an act to copulate, which means to have sexual intercourse with a willing partner. The animalistic course of merging two bodies together in a hot steamy pile of ecstasy. Something that EVERY ADULT ENJOYS!!! Married, or not, parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle. Admit it, we have all fucked in one way or another. It is normal people! Even the term “fucked up” is in reference to the point of orgasm in which the person has no higher function in their brain!

Now onto the point of this blog. We bleep out something that is normal, that we all do. The words are blotted over, and for the most part people pretend not to hear it. But what about the word Rape? You heard me! R A P E. This word is uttered on the news, on radio, tv stations, music… you name it, it is there. Whether I like it or not, my kids will hear the word rape, but will it be treated like the word fuck? NO! We won’t have people trying to cover the ears of our children as a reporter discuss a college woman who was recently raped. And Rape is something far worse than Fuck ever was. Quiet simply, is any act of sexual intercourse that is force upon another being.

So, you are telling me, that the word Fuck, which is just passionate willful sex, is something that must be bleeped out of society, but Rape, forcing someone to have sex, should not? Maybe we really are fucked up after all. I think Rape, is the worst swear word of all. Period.


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