A new world in which we live in

I remember a few things when I was a child that I should never do, that I still to this day will NEVER do. Maybe it was in part due to the reaction that I had from other people, or partly because of my parents. It may be due to the fact I had it ingrained in me that I had to be perfect in order to go to heaven. And if I didn’t, then my only option was unspeakable punishment and death. Mind you, I did get my bum spanked a time or two, and that wasn’t what scarred me for life. What did scar me is difficult to write about, and I don’t want to. And quite frankly, is for another time and place.

Over the past year my neighborhood has decline in a rapid pace. I was at first trying to fight it by seeing one good thing at a time. I was trying to chant to myself about how it is my temporary home. This is just a hiccup in life, and if I didn’t fight it, everything would be better. If I ‘laid low’ then nothing would happen. Well, sadly that doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

Being in a townhouse is different than that of a duplex, or even owning your own home. These homes are crammed together so tightly that even an orthodontist would pull a few to give you a genuine smile. But I pay good money to have MY porch, My driveway, walkway and My tiny patch of grass. Even if it does technically belong to someone else, I am borrowing it for the moment to have a pretend sense of a life.

Now, I have no qualms with kids. I actually enjoy them. I love volunteering at school, being involved with them, watching them learn, grow and develop. I came from a family of 10 and am the oldest girl, second oldest overall. I HAVE to like kids. I helped raised them! But disrespectful prepubescent brains beginning to dissolve teenagers I have no time for. I really do not. And they can sense that like a shark smelling blood.

Now, the egging of the garage, I let slip. Heck the toilet papering our bushes and trees, fine. But when a parent blames me for their kids behavior, and then encourages the kids to mess with me by banging the side of our townhouse with a ball, repeatedly… for over two weeks. And mine you, I have asked them to stop… well… they haven’t. The worst of it is that the cops when I finally broke down and called, said that there is nothing that we can do about it. We just have to learn to live with it.

Hold the phone here. What happened to respect? Listening to your elders, or any other adults? Have we fallen so much as a society that instead of raising a child we are bending to their wishes? To have a police officer tell me that they are just ‘kids’ and I have to deal with it… wrong-o. I am not saying spank a kid, but give them choices and consequences. Do not bail them out. Watch them, not the computer screen, iPhone screen or whatever other device that you feel warrants your attention. It does not. That is not what will dictate our future. It is those kids that you throw out into the world with no guidance. No sense of decency. Who in their right mind would bring a bb gun to an elementary school? Pull a prank of a pretend bomb? And all the cops do is return the kids to the custody of their parents? I am not saying that the parents aren’t going to punish them, but what happened to spending one night in jail? Wouldn’t that be enough to set them straight? I know if my own kids were caught doing something like any of these, I would be worried sick, and upset, but grateful if they spent the night in jail. Maybe it would teach them a lesson.Heck if I had to I would foot that bill as well. Maybe then they won’t ever do it again. But I would hope that i am teaching them enough about respect that they are not EVER going to be in that kind of situation. 

Basically, as the Elementary Teachers try so hard to say “Everyone deserves Respect…” even us crabby adults from the teens. Because let’s face it, I respect them, I let them use my driveway when they are respectful of me. I could always let my puppy poop in their yard, and then they would have crap on their shoes…

Then again… i just might! 😉



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