Jesus Christ – The Zombie

In many ways my muse are my three vastly different children. Although one of them has been tested for Autism/Asperger’s she didn’t hit all the markers. So we try and teach her what is appropriate and what is not. Many ways she absolutely hates public places and things of that manner. This has made the idea of going to say a church difficult, especially since most people see a child and believe that they are allowed to hug them. But my daughter doesn’t do that, you hug her and you are liable to get hit or bit. It isn’t that she doesn’t like people, but she doesn’t.

So this Easter we tried to explain to her about Jesus Christ, and why Easter is such an important holiday. She was the one who asked about it, so I tried to explain it to her in the best possible way without scaring her too much. When I finished explaining the resurrection, her eyes were huge. She clears her voice and says “Mom, you are telling me that Jesus Christ is a zombie?”

I tried hard not to laugh, but I said no, he is a good guy. Yes, he was dead and came back to life, like a zombie, but he isn’t.

Nope. she believed without a doubt that Jesus is a Zombie. In attempt to try and help with this problem I showed her this Picture.Image I said, look, it is Jesus with children. Why would they let him around children if he was a zombie and going to eat them? 

This caused her to scream and say how that the kids he was eating because how else did the angels appear behind him? That was the dead children.

So for the last few nights, my daughter has woken up with nightmares… “Jesus Christ is coming to get me.”


Now this is HILARIOUS, but disheartening. I would never believe that someone who provided me, and so many others strength, was traumatizing my child. So this has started me teaching her other ways of being spiritual with out bringing up Jesus Christ. Maybe when she is a bit older I can broach the topic again.


As she would say “Don’t let Jesus Christ get you!!”


2 thoughts on “Jesus Christ – The Zombie

  1. Awe. That is funny and sad at the same time. Poor baby. My son, who also has aspergers, when he was around 4-5 would constantly say he wanted to die. It broke my heart, but one day he got really close to the ceiling fan from the top bunk. I told him how dangerous that was, but again he said he wanted to die. I asked him why he wanted to die, he said. “Because I just love Jesus so much, I want to go to heaven NOW.” It was so funny, and adorable… but also terrifying!

    • Exactly! I remember being absolutely terrified of hell, and death when I was little… But trying to teach right and wrong… Ugh. We haven’t brought up hell because I don’t want her to misunderstand that. I don’t want her thinking she will go there.

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