I simply wanted to start over. Isn’t that what hope is all about? So I begin with a new website, a new forum, a new way of discussing ideas, hopes and dreams, with family friends, and more importantly, you, my readers. If you are curious about my thoughts, I will try to ‘revisit’ them on here. But I don’t necessarily find this a requirement. Some of my ideas may inadvertently repeat, and for that I do apologize. That isn’t what I hope to do.

At any given time I have at least three books in the inner workings of my mind. The voices of my characters interact with me on a daily basis. Once they are written down, they seem to become alive in my dreams, thoughts. But I don’t control them, they allow me a glimpse into their lives, and I try in a hurry frenzy to write it down.This isn’t necessarily something that I am proud of. In many ways people view me as ‘airheaded’ or ‘forgetful’ but that simply is not the case.I am just lost in the world of thought. I try not to offend, and be there for everyone. But in many ways I feel like I lose out on so much for simply not writing. I need to clear my mind, is basically what I am saying.

This last week or so I had wanted to set a goal, and to reach it. I failed miserably. I didn’t even set a goal. That is how terribly so I failed. I thought, well, am I dealing with depression again? Am I dealing with too much? No. Simply put I didn’t have any means of accountability. In June it will be my year mark anniversary for my first novella.I see other authors who have at least 7 books by their year mark, and it sickens me. I don’t have the time for that… but then I realize that this is just an excuse. I will have a completed, 75k book by then, no more excuses. It may not be published, but I will have it done. This means 10k a week. And I will hold myself accountable. I will write my daily amount on here, and whatever other social website I am a part of. This is my hope, my anchor this week. I will be accomplishing this.

Wish me luck as I try to have a chance to ‘spring clean’ my mind.


One thought on “Hope

  1. I’d be more that happy to help you and keep you accountable in any way you want, if you’d like? Maybe a daily e-mail with how much we got done and how much we plan to get done the next day… along with lots of encouragement! (i have trouble with accountability too… I hardly wrote at all last week) Let me know!

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